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Special Projects

Halon Banking Systems is very experienced in halon management; we have been managing large halon user inventory since January 1997 and are recognized worldwide for successful implementation.

We have worked on some of the largest halon replacements projects, for example, NORAD/ Drew Line Radar stations and other large replacements across North America. We also offered expert consultant advice in evaluating the National Halon Bank of Argentina.

Halon Banking Systems successfully completed a project for United Nations OPS in Mexico to set-up three National Halon Bank.

In May 2007 was initiated a similar project for setting up two mobile halon recovery and reclamation facilities in collaboration with the Indian Navy and Indian Ministry of Defense.

In February 2008, the two facilities were functional and handled a large volume of halon. Part of the main Equipments for the HRRF were a Halon 1301.1211/2401 Neutronics halon recycling machine, completely automated, with a recovery rate of over 98% and 99% nitrogen removal efficiency, averaging 1-2 kilograms per minute in halon recycling. Also, we used Neutronics Halon Identifier both portable and fixed testing equipment.

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